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Diagnostic Evaluations

Patients seeking a diagnostic evaluation and documentation of a condition listed in the diagnostic systems manual (DSM) (or ICM code) for mental illness may receive this service to supply to other providers. 
For adult attention deficit disorders, I administer the Connor’s Adult Attention Rating Scale to assess diagnostic criteria for Adult ADD/ADHD in addition to the therapeutic interview.
As a trauma specialist, I provide diagnostic documentation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in addition to other anxiety disorders.

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I have been practicing clinical social work for almost 25 years addressing issues related to trauma, addiction, homelessness, high conflict environments, domestic violence, disaster relief and

Currently, I provide therapy to individuals over age 13, couples and families.
The traditional model for therapy is one 50 minute session per week, sometimes clients meet with me every other week or twice a week, as needed, and dependent upon treatment model and client’s presentation.

Trauma Recovery

As a trauma specialist, I have been trained and have experience working with combat veterans, sexual assault survivors, survivors of natural disasters and domestic violence.  Many people experience traumatic responses to experiences that they wouldn’t classify as traumatic and therapy can be very helpful to reduce any anxiety or ruminations about negative experiences.

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Support Groups

I have been facilitating a support group for family members who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to suicide.  This group is called Project Hope, due to COVID we have suspended active groups at this time.

Community Seminars

I have been invited to present psychoeducation to various community organizations such as churches and residential/domestic violence centers.  I have presented on a variety of topics such as anxiety, depression, healthy relationships, self care, and Myers-Briggs in the workplace.

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